AXI 4120/18 GOLD LINE, NO accessories included

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AXI 4120/18 GOLD LINE, NO accessories included

Technical specification

No. of cells 5-6s Li-Poly
Max. efficiency 86%
Max. efficiency current 15 - 40 A (>82%)
No load current 1,5 A
Current capacity 55 A/60 s
Internal Resistance 70 mohm
Dimensions (∅ x L) 49,8x55,5 mm
Shaft diameter 6 mm
Weight 320 g
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Product description

These brushless motors with neodymium magnets and a rotating case are manufactured using the latest technology from the finest quality materials. The hardened steel shaft supported by three ball bearings, and overall robust yet lightweight construction, ensure a long service life.

A new feature in the AXI design is a provision for radial mounting (see picture). The optional radial mount set includes: mounting flange, propeller adaptor, securing collar, and screws. The unique design of these motors gives extremely high torque levels to turn large diameter and high pitch propellers with a high level of efficiency. This motor is suitable for large sailplanes weighing up to 5000g and sports aerobatic models up to 3500g.

Best Practices

3 800 134,0 5s 55A/60s 70A opto 14"x9"
3 500 123,5 5s 55A/60s 77A 14"x8"
2 600 91,7 5s 55A/60s 70A opto 15"x8"
2 300 81,1 4s 55A/60s 70A opto 17"x8"
2 900 102,3 6s 55A/60s 77A 14"x7"
4 300 151,7 4s 55A/60s 70A opto 17"x9"
4 500 158,7 5s 55A/60s 70A opto 15"x9,5"
7,5 - 9 ccm / .46-.54 -2stroke .65-.75 - 4stroke

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