AXI 41 V3

New more powerful and more efficient generation of AXI brushless outrunners AXI 41xxV3 with integrated cooling system based on turbine effect keeps motor winding cooler up to 20%. Rotors are precise balanced on the most accurate Schenk balancing machine. New motors run quiter thanks to new high quality Japanese long lasting ball bearings.

These high torgue brushless motors with neodym magnets and a rotating case are manufactured using the latest technology. AXI 41xx/xx V3 motors reach excellent levels of performance, and were designed especially for sailplanes from 3500g to 6000g along with aerobatic models from 3000g to 4500g in weight. The highest levels of manufacturing quality and support of the hardened steel shaft by three ball bearings provide the highest levels of mechanical integrity and excellent reliability.

As a result of using the latest feromagnetic materials, AXI 41xx/xx V3 motors offer extremely high efficiency and high load capability. Delivered as standard Radial Mount Set is recommended for fast, simple and rigid radial mounting of AXI 41xx/xx V3 motors to the firewall.

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