Advance 40 Pro Opto

Advance 40 Pro Opto

Technical specification

Max. Power 53 x 26 x 9 mm
Sustained current 40 A
Telemetry Ne
Operating Voltage 5...25,2
Operational temperature (°C) -10...85
Batteries NiXX 6...16
Batteries LiXX 2...6
Batteries LiFe 2...7
Max. Current BEC (A) -
Voltage BEC (V) -
  • Product code
  • A40opto
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Product description

The Advance 40 Pro Opto controller will fully comply with all requirements of the user and in connection with the programming card they will fulfill even the most ambitious wishes. The programming card (ProgCard Plus) is compatible with controllers of the Advance Plus line and simultaneously with the Advance Pro line.

The Opto-Controllers provide a galvanic separation between the power drive (motor, controller, flight battery) and the receiver with servos.

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