AXI 28 V3

New more powerful and more efficient generation of AXI brushless outrunners AXI 28xx V3 with integrated cooling system based on turbine effect keeps motor winding cooler up to 20%. Rotors are precise balanced on the most accurate Schenk balancing machine. New motors run quiter thanks to new high quality Japanese long lasting ball bearings.

The high performance, robust and reliable brushless motors AXI 28xx V3 with rotating drum and neodym magnets are based on the legendary AXI 2820/10 released onto the market in 2001. The hardened steel shaft 5mm diameter supported by two ball bearings ensure excellent durability using normal or radial mounting. The light weight AXI 2808/xx V3 is suitable for models up to 1500g in weight. The AXI 2814/xx V3 is mostly applicable for 500 - 600 size size models of up to 2000g in weight.

Due to their high torgue, AXI 2820/xx V3 and 2826/xx V3 with a rotating drum are capable of turning large diameter and high pitch propellers with high efficiency on direct drive. The benefit of these motors is a 5mm shaft supported by 3 ball bearings, which brings excellent durability and allows for the high dynamic loads common in aerobatic flights.

AXI 2820/xx V3 and 2826/xx V3 motors are suitable for sports aerobatic models up to 2500g, and for sailplanes up to 3000g in weight. Delivered as standard radial mount set includes: mounting flange, propeller adaptor, securing collar, and screws.

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