Technical specification

No. of cells 2 - 3s Li-Poly
RPM/V 1150 RMP/V
Max. efficiency 82%
Max. efficiency current 6 - 12 A (>75%)
No load current 0,7 A
Current capacity 16 A/60 s
Internal Resistance 135 mohm
Dimensions (∅ x L) 27,7x30 mm
Shaft diameter 27,7x30 mm
Weight 57 g
  • Product code
  • 221220
  • Availability
  • Replaced by V2

Product description

You will be surprised by the very high power delivered by these small and very robust, but light weight (57g with power cables) brushless motors with rotating case suitable for all models of 300-400 size, and microhelicopters. The hardened steel 3,17mm diameter shaft is supported by two large ball bearings which ensure very good mechanical reliability with front or radial mounting. As a result of using the latest ferromagnetic materials the AXI GOLD 22xx/xx LINE motors offer extremely high efficiency and high load capability for their weight.

AXI GOLD LINE with the high quality of manufacturing, reliability and performance are the best outrunners available in the market. A feature of the AXI design is provision for radial mounting (see picture). The optional radial mount set includes: mounting plate, propeller adapter, securing collar, and screws.

Best Practices

600 21,2 3s 16A/60s 30A 9"x4,5"
400 14,1 3s 16A/60s 18A 10"x4"
800 28,2 2s 16A/60s 18A 10"x5"
650 22,9 3s 16A/60s 30A 9"x5"

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