AXI 22

Robust, but small and light motors AXI 22xx/xx GOLD LINE have been designed especially for models between 150g and 1500g. Very light motor AXI 2203/xx GOLD LINE with carbon shaft, integrated prop saver and new three-point mounting lugs for easy mounting reach just 18g in weight. AXI 2203/xx GOLD LINE is suitable for the lightest indoor 3D models up to 150g and for parkflyers and slow flyers up to 220g in weight. The second lightest motor from this series is the AXI 2204/54 GOLD LINE which has had huge success in competitions and is suitable for the light indoor models up to 250g in weight.

A variant of the AXI 2204/54 EVP GOLD LINE with EVP unit for 2204 (Eletric Variable Pitch propeller) brings new possibilities in aerobatic flying. New motor AXI 2203/40 VPP GOLD LINE has been tested and tuned by pilots Andres Leoni and Martin Müller and has been designed for Mamo Models 9“ variable pitch prop for 4D flying.

AXI 2208xx and 2212/xx GOLD LINE motors are suitable for all Slow and Park Fly models of 250g to 650g and also for microhelicopters. The EVP versions of the AXI 2208/xx and 2212/xx EVP GOLD LINE with hardened steel hollowed shafts are designed for EVP units.

The high quality and performance of AXI 22xx GOLD LINE motors meant that they were a perfect base for development of the AXI 2217/xx GOLD LINE. These really compact and efficient motors are suitable for light weight sailplanes up to 1500g, aerobatic models up to 800g, and for microhelicopters up to 700g. High RPM motor AXI2217/5H has been developed especially for Mini Titan and T-REX helis. The optional Radial Mount Sets can be used with AXI 2208, 2212 and 2217 series motors except the 2203 and 2204/54 which have integral radial mounting lugs.

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