AXI 80.20 KV190 F3A

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AXI 80.20 KV190 F3A

Technical specification

No. of cells max. 12s Li-Poly
Max. efficiency 95%
Max. efficiency current 90 - 100 A (>85%)
No load current 3,9 A
Current capacity 125 A/15 s
Internal Resistance 19,7 mOhm
Dimensions (∅ x L) 78x92 mm
Shaft diameter 8 mm
Weight 930 g
Max. Power 4900 W
Telemetry Temperature Ibex
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  • 8020 KV190 F3A
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  • Three weeks

Product description

After many years of research and testing, AXi engineers have developed a brand new line brushless motors of AXI 80xx with 28 poles. The hardened steel shafts, built in prop adapters and pre-installed IBEX telemetry sensors represent the highest level of quality. 


Best Practices

10 500 370,4 12s 115A/15s 110A 21"x10"
9 500 335,1 12s 115A/15s 130A 22"x12"
8 000 282,2 12s 120A/15s 130A 24"x12"
70 ccm

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