AXI 5320/18 3D Extreme KV370 V3

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AXI 5320/18 3D Extreme KV370 V3

Technical specification

No. of cells 6s Li-Poly
Max. efficiency 95%
Max. efficiency current 25 - 55 A (>85%)
No load current 1,3 A
Current capacity 79 A/60 s
Internal Resistance 14 mohm
Dimensions (∅ x L) 63x55,2 mm
Shaft diameter 8 mm
Weight 530 g
Max. Power 1900 W
Telemetry RPM / Temperature
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Product description

After many years of research and testing, AXi engineers have developed a brand new line of 3D Extreme brushless motors. The hardened steel shafts, built in prop adapters, integrated cooling fans and pre-installed IBEX telemetry sensors represent the highest level of quality. 

This motor has been designed especially for wide spread high current 6s lipols packs of capacity from 4000mAh to 5500mAh. AXI 5320/18 3D Extreme V3 together with 6s lipols is capable to reach currents up to 80A shortly and is suitable for 3D models weighing up to 4300g and sports aerobatic models up to 5500g. 

Best Practices

7 000 246,9 6s 78A/20s 90A 18"x10"
5 500 194,0 6s 78A/20s 90A 18"x12"
4 300 151,7 6s 78A/20s 90A 20"x8"
18 -22 ccm / .91-1.2 -2stroke .1.2-1.4 -4stroke

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