Spin 66 Pro Opto

Spin 66 Pro Opto

Technical specification

Max. Power 52 x 25 x 12 mm
Sustained current 70 A
Telemetry Ano
Operating Voltage 6 - 26
Operational temperature (°C) 0 - 85
Batteries NiXX 6 - 18
Batteries LiXX 2 - 6
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Product description

The SPIN controller family for brushless (AC) motor control are able to operate with all types of batteries like NiCd, NiMH, Li-Po, Li-Ion and LiFe (A 123). Due to their numerous adjustment possibilities they are preferred for all airborne applications including helicopters and belong to the usual equipment of top pilots.In the course of development of new brushless motor controllers we were eager to fulfill most user require-ments and at the same time offer a product with simple handling properties and high comfort.All controllers comprise a new type of voltage regulator for receivers and servos, the so called switch mode BEC with a voltage of 5,5 V. By application of this unit a way was opened for BEC systems even in models with higher cell numbers. It must also be taken into account that the number of servos became independent of the level of the supply voltage.Adjustment of the SPIN controller family is carried out via the JETIBOX. By connection of the SPIN controllers and the JETIBOX a new system is formed which allows optimum set-up of any type of drive.

Opto controllers have galvanically separated input (the receiver signal) from power accumulators, therefore it's necessary to use independent power supply for the receiver and servos (4-5 NiXX or 2-3 LiXX with linear voltage regulator, such as MAX BEC).

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