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Technical specification

Max. Power 280A (2s)
Sustained current 220A
Telemetry Duplex EX, Hott, MSB, S.Bus2,P2Bus, SRXL2
Operating Voltage 10 – 51V
Operational temperature (°C) -10÷110
Batteries LiXX 2 - 6
Voltage BEC (V) 4 – 12
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Product description

High-power controller for BLDC motors offers continuous current up to 220A at a voltage of up to 51V (12S LiPo). It offers complete galvanic isolation of control signals from the power stage. Optionally can be equipped with a cooling fan. Using a special firmware, we offer the optional starter or starter-generator mode.

Additional functions

Option to activate the synchronous rectification (Active Freewheeling) for more accurate motor response and less heating of the controller during aerobatics.
Flawless operation with high power multi-pole motors and the vast majority of all other motor types.
Propeller positioning using a Hall sensor.
Optional external motor identification chip combined with a temperature sensor.

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