Technical specification

No. of cells 3s Li-Poly
RPM/V 1820 RMP/V
Max. efficiency 80%
Max. efficiency current 10 - 15 A (>75%)
No load current 2 A
Current capacity 25 A/60 s
Internal Resistance 75 mohm
Dimensions (∅ x L) 35x31 mm
Shaft diameter 4 mm
Weight 76 g
  • Product code
  • 280816
  • Availability
  • Replaced by V2

Product description

High torque brushless motor with rotating drum and high power neodym magnets suitable for models of 400-500 size, and up to 1500g in weight. The hardened steel 4mm diameter shaft and is supported by two ball bearings.

Due to it’s high torque characteristics this motor is capable of turning large propellers with a high level of efficiency and without the need for a gearbox. A new feature in the AXI design is a provision for radial mounting (see picture). The optional radial mount set includes: mounting flange, propeller adaptor, securing collar, and screws.

Best Practices

900 31,7 3s 25A/60s 30A 7"x4"
800 28,2 3s 25A/60s 30A 7"x4"
800 28,2 3s 25A/60s 30A 6"x6"
2 ccm / .12 -2stroke .18 -4stroke

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