Javier Yebes 4x AXI 2626/12

  • Name: Javier Yebes
  • Address: Spain
  • Model: N-700 4M
  • Motor: 4x AXI 2626/12
  • Prop: APC E 12x6
  • ECS: Jeti Advance 40 Opto
  • Lipol:  2 x ThunderPower 7800maH 4S
  • Weight:  Zero!!!   Well.... 10 kilos without helium  :))


This is the new Nimbus N-700 4 engines blimp. It's a significative breakthrough in the world of RC blimps. Designed for high maneuverability it is able to fly vertically, looping and easy running away in case of thermal winds by means of its 4 combined engines. And full double redundancy allows a pleasant safe flight.

More details www.nimbusdirigibles.com



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