Guy Hanoch 2x AXI 5345/16HD

  • Name: Guy Hanoch
  • Model: AXI Board
  • Motor: 2x AXI 5345/16HD
  • ECS: 2x 150A
  • Lipol: LiPo 6s-10s
  • Weight: w/o battery is 11.4 kg
  • Size: 110 cm Long (inc wheels), 39 cm wide (inc wheels), 8" wheels



This board is costume made by me , all from aluminum and composite materials.
I had the motors first so all the colors based on them :)

there are two power options for this board :
1. 6s 10a packs for short rides and freestyle  , easy to replace if needed
Top Speed is 38-40km/h and the range is around 14 km per battery. 
the controllers are 150A car esc from HK.

2. 8s  17.4a  pack for high speeds and long rides . speed is 50 km/h and  range is around 25 km
The controllers are easy to replace and I using 150A Alien twin sensored controller  for this setup.

** I tried 10S and the top speed was 60 km/h .. too much for me.

The control base on Wii nunchuk +arduino   and this board works amazing !
the  motors are very quite , effective and very strong compered to my other boards with chinese motors.

This project took me very long time  because  i needed to design molds for the composite parts
I'm mechanical engineering student and hope to base my final project on this  toys


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