Edlinger Vincent 2x AXI 4130/16

  • Name: Edlinger Vincent
  • Address: France
  • Model: Transall C160
  • Motor: 2x AXI 4130/16
  • Prop: 2x prop 16x8
  • ECS: 2x Jeti Advance 77
  • Lipol: 2x 6S 3400mAh
  • Weight: 11000 g
  • Wingspan: 2700 mm


Transall C160 built by myself.  The main structure is made with balsa, wings are in polystyren with fiberglass.  The flight is very enjoyable and the thrust generated by the two motors is very impressive.  This plane has a lot of flights, and it's always a real pleasure to fly with these motors which allows to fly  with the reliability garanties. Thanks you Axi.


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