Robert A. Benjamin AXI 4130/20

  • Name: Robert A. Benjamin
  • Address: USA
  • Model: Fairchild PT-19 A
  • Motor: AXI 4130/20
  • Prop: 17.5x10  (custom re-worked from a wood 20x10 for scale hub and blade profile)
  • ECS: Jeti Advance 90 Plus
  • Lipol:  Venom 6S  5000 mAh LiPo
  • Weight: 14 lb/ 6,3 kg
  • Wingspan: 83" / 2100 mm


This model was given to me by friends of a deceased modeler who had nearly finished building it from an unknown plan and short kit about ten years ago. It was set up for a 2-stroke glow engine and used simple plastic covering. 
They asked me to "fix it-restore it-finish it" and get it to fly to honor the memory of our old friend. I stripped it completely to bare balsa, corrected many deviations from scale accuracy by including such details as accurate wing and tail fairings and fully-plywood-sheeted wings, added a mount for the AXI motor and the LiPo and ESC, and gave it a proper scale finish using Stits Lite covering and finishing products.  
The PT-19 now performs beautifully...a low pass at reduced power in order to present the appearance of scale speed makes it easy to believe you are looking at a full scale airplane. It has become one of my favorite models to fly.



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