Michał Chrzanowski AXI 2820/14

  • Name: Michał Chrzanowski
  • Address: Poland
  • Model: Extra 48" EXP Extreme Flight
  • Motor: AXI 2820/14



"Extreme Flight Extra EXP 48”. This is my first model from the EF stable. It's absolutely fantastic, flies perfect - WOW!!! I have some good planes, but Extra 48" EXP i much, much, much more better than any of my previous 3D models. I was waiting one year to complete the good setup. Servos are also good - Hitec 5070MH and 5087MH on elevator. With my "power plant" 55% is enough for prop hanging, full throttle works like catapult. After 6 batterys the motor is only lukewarm. I'ts always better to save money for a better plane and better setup. You have more time for flying and much more pleasure with 3D!" 


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