Giulio AXI 5320/18

  • Name: Giulio
  • Address: Italy
  • Model: Katana
  • Motor: AXI 5320/18
  • Prop: APC 18x10
  • ECS: 120A
  • Lipol: 6s 4200
  • Weight: 7kg withouth battery
  • Wingspan: 1800 mm


The katana 120 is a acro 3d airplane from sebart.

the raccomended setup wak an hacker 10s motor and battery.

i ve been modified the set up and lot of part of the plane, ive reduced the weight from 7.5kg to 7kg, whith all pull pull  servos etc.

whith this setup i can do hard 3d for lot of minutes, and lot of really precise pattern/f3a manuvers.

this setup is the best for me because is very light and very powrful.



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