Benny Wachtelaer AXI 2814/12

  • Name: Benny Wachtelaer
  • Address: Belgium
  • Model: Lazy-Bee
  • Motor: AXI 2814/12
  • Prop: APC10x5
  • ECS: Jeti Advance 40 plus
  • Lipol: 2200mAh / 11.1v / 36C Pelikan
  • Weight: Total weight: 1KG  Wing : 245g
  • Wingspan: 1,4 m


Well what can I say,

My Lazy-Bee is about the best and funny model I ever made.
It is constructed from a plan from about a picture of 50x50mm from a 
magazine and is fully scratched build. I worked +/- 6 months on her.
I have three axes working for steering . Elevator works as wel as 
ailerons end mixed with rudder. Undelievable, you can even make 
barrelrolls .
Flighttime is hard to say, I think I can fly half an hour or more, just 
because it's to funny to fly by walk and touch and go and the low 
resistance of the motor. You do not land de Bee, but park ;-)
Oh yeah, you wan't believe it, but 3D flying, yeah possible !

movie :



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