AXI prepared new more powerful and more efficient generation bruschless outrunnrs AXI 81xx V2 with 36-pols. These motors have rotors are precise balanced on the most accurate Schenk balancing machine. New motors run quiter thanks to new high quality Japanese long lasting ball bearings. The hardened steel shaft is supported by three ball bearings, and the overall robust construction ensures a long service life.

AXI 8112/xx V2 and 8120/xx V2 series are suitable for sports aerobatic models up to 10000g in weight. New motor AXI 8112/xx was designed for 8-12s Lipols for 3D models up to 4500g and for Aerobatic models up to 6000g in weight. More powerfull improved motors AXI 8120/xx V2 are suitable for 3D models up to 8000g aerobatic models up to 10000g and large realistic flying models up to 15000g in weight. AXI 81xx V2 motors offer front and centre mounting options. Motors AXI 81xx have include the telemetry.

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